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Jo D'Anna

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The Music of Jo D'Anna

If you do not mind letting the seductively soothing, rhythmic vocalizations and passionate poetry of Jo D’Anna’s songs – so reminiscent of many of those well-known and loved 60's folk/rock icons -- lead you to, quite possibly, the unfurling of your own story, then allow yourself to take a chance.

If you do not mind letting go and feeling those feelings, perhaps long buried, to see what comes up for you, Jo D’Anna’s haunting and poetic lyrics -- which come from deep within her own well-traveled soul – will surprisingly seduce the hidden corners of your memory: your lost but never-quite-forgotten loves; those childhood memories of playful joy and discovery; the first time you felt that humbling union with the Earth’s boundless beauty and love; your deep anger and sense of injustice over the ones who wreak havoc in this world through domination, destruction and narcissism.

Her voice will carry you through an intimate, personal journey so that you will feel grounded, yet never lost. At one time her voice may be playful and seductive, at another time it may be exuberant and powerful. Always expressive, Jo D’Anna’s voice is syncopated in a free, untethered and creatively loose style, yet always comes back to the beat so you know where you are, and you are never lost or left alone. Her expressive voice is perfectly married to the poetry in the lyrics -- along with her masterful rhythmic alternate fingerstyle & strum technique -- so you cannot help but be moved; you are caught in her vision, and you feel blessed in that sacred intimate place within yourself.

And once in that special interior place, you may feel sad, or you may feel released, or you may feel inspired. Jo D’Anna is not a songwriter to listen to for passive entertainment. Rather, by listening to her songs, you will be actively participating in a journey through and to your own personal repertoire of feelings and memories. You will never be able to forget the signature sound, guitar style and songs of Jo D’Anna because, if your heart is open, you will begin to realize on a deeper, subliminal level that she is singing to you with supreme clarity and truth – as one spirit might communicate to another.


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